Welcome to Haasini Exports !!! 

     Haasini Exports is one of the leading  export company located in vellore, which deals in exporting  products from India.We focus on continuing to offer dedicated services to our customers with traditional integrity and trustworthiness.We strive to be the most innovative in our field, constantly trying to find ways to innovate and improve our products to meet the changing demands of our customers. Coming from the coconut triangle of India, the company has always been a part of eco-friendly product exporting in the country.

Our exporting products

  1. Leather Products: Shoes, Chepals, Purse and Belts.
  2. Agri products: Vegetables, Mushrooms, Dals and other products.
  3. Handcraft Products: kitchen products
  4. Coconut Products: Coconuts, Coco coirs, Coco ropes, Coco oils and other Coco Products.
  5. Garments Products: Quality Shirts and Sarees.


      To be the first class company, that best understands and satisfies the product and service needs of customers in India.


     The company has committed itself to provide the best quality products and services that excel customers’ expectations.It will ensure its commitments by investing more invaluable Products and enhancing its respected and innovative customers.

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